Friday, January 27, 2012

'Palestinians want to eliminate Israel'

As the Presidential campaign heats up in United States, various aspects of internal as well as external matters are debated between the contenders which, consequently becomes a source of headlines for news agencies and a talking point among the masses.

Therefore, one of the major issues for Presidential campaigners to discuss and, most of the time, go overboard in their support for Israel is a critical aspect which decides their fate from being a mere contender to a President of the largest economy in the world. It has always been maintained that the key to any Presidential contender's success is Israel, and not that any contender is against Israel (he can't dare to be), in the end it just becomes a matter of selecting (not electing) the best man for the job for a given time. And as the campaign rages on in US, Israel as an affair had to be a must.

While there is little secret as to the policy US has for Israel, it also becoming extremely blatant to everyone has to how US feels and treats Palestine as an issue. Last year, when UNESCO went ahead to recognise Palestine as a state, US decided to cut down its grant to UNESCO in retaliation. This time around, one of the Presidential campaigner, Mitt Romney, went far to put the entire blame for the unrest in the Middle East on Palestine. Perhaps the former Governor needs to polish his history because he is completely oblivious to the fact that Palestine was a state up until 1948, when the Western powers joined hands to form an illegal State of Israel on the land that belonged to Palestine for centuries. Romney further continued to say “It's the Palestinians who don't want a two-state solution. They want to eliminate the State of Israel.” It is amazing how quickly they realise that everyone is against Israel, while they opt to shut their minds off to understand what has happened and is happening in Palestine for over half a century. Mr. Romney, you are mistaken. It's not only Palestine who wants to eliminate Israel. Regardless of religion or region, each and every person who understands the gravity of the issue in and supports Palestine wants to completely Holocaust the Israeli State.

Another Presidential contender Newt Gingrich highlighted his poor intellectual level and appalling historical knowledge when he termed Palestine as an 'invention'. He states his crooked theory that Palestine was an invention in 70s as prior to that everyone was an Arab of either Syrian, Egyptian or Lebanese descent. Mr. Gingrich, we would bemoan the day when you (God forbid) become a President of any country, let alone US. Or perhaps Gingrich would want to explain what was Palestine Mandate set-up as early as in 1922, and if Gingrich terms Palestine as an invention, then we also term that Israel is an even bigger invention in the modern history of mankind. An illegal country that has been forged by shadowy figures in the mid-20th century is now receiving blatant support of US to an extent where Palestine has become an invention for them.

Palestine is a fact, was a fact and will always remain a fact, no matter how much the world tries to bury it, deny it or just ignore it. We will continue to support Palestine as we have done even if that means laying our lives. Be advised, it’s not Palestine who wants to eliminate Israel, but the whole of Muslim world wants to see the deceitful Zionist State in the garbage-bin, for good. And if that's terrorism for you, then definitely we are second best to Israel only, as this day we remember an 18-year old Palestinian shepherd who was shot dead today last year by an Israeli settler on Palestinian land.

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