Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Team With Clear Advantage

Expect him to play a bit more freely, with "50 kilos" off his back now

It is said to be the mother of all clashes, the match of the matches and don't know what hyperbole is associated with this match that associated the two of the bitterest rivals, on and off the fields. Let's us admit, these are no exaggeration because suddenly when these two teams meet on a cricket field, everything changes, offices are closed, shops are shut down, streets and markets are vacated, and if you want to find any one at that particular time, your best bet would be that that person would be in front of his television set.

Enough of ISI Bashing

ISI has many feathers in its cap to make it the most powerful, most professional and, yet the most attacked intelligence agency in the world.

It actually dawned on us the fact that constantly writing against our Military establishment and more importantly against our “powerful intelligence agency”, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) hasn't left much of a difference between us and the dubious Pakistani media, the corrupt politicians and the not-so-friendly foreign allies. Not for a moment, we want to emulate any of the three mentioned above because we don't want the power of the powerful to wane away one slight bit. We still want to see the apprehension in the eyes of the media who have more venom to spew against Pakistan than against our enemies. We like the fear in the hearts of the politicians who have ulterior motives when in Pakistan and much of their belonging outside Pakistan. And most of all, we love to see super-powers brought to their knees when they thought they could trample over a minnow in a jiffy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Military Establishment: Is it becoming our enemy also?

They loathe you, but we don't. We love you. Do you?

For years now Pakistan has hung by its teeth and every time a generation that faces   it, says that “things will change for better” only to see the next generation going through the same thing and they also repeating, “things will change for better.” But we are of the opinion that things will never change.