Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memogate Scandal and Commission

Fate of the government, essentially, is being decided here

One has to feel, not for the government more so for those unfortunate ones in the country who were among those 44% who voted this present government, which is frankly an outlet of thugs, imbeciles, and most likely to be people conspiring against Pakistan. That makes them a national security threat for Pakistan and its residents.
The first institution that gets alerted by any threat to the country's sovereignty and national interest is Armed Forces, and it isn't different in Pakistan's case also. It was within hours that the Pakistani intelligence came into action to collect evidences from a sneaky character, Mansoor Ijaz in London and that too evidences against a person with whom they've had a serious bone since this government came into being, if sources are to be believed.

The present government has done and is doing everything in its power to rescue only a man tried under the charges of high treason, but it seems to have created a gaping hole in the sinking ship of their ministries and power that they have held on to their dear lives. The petition lodged to probe the Memo was done by PML-N's leader, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that was recently accepted by the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. The petition was accepted by the Chief Justice on the grounds that the case is severe in its nature as well as charges against the suspect, Pakistan's former ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, direct the evidences towards a big conspiracy against Pakistan. The Chief Justice promptly took appropriate action against the case, formed a 3-bench commission chaired by Justice Faaiz Esa Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court and have expressed in words that the Commission would look to come with an outcome in probing the Memogate within 40-days.

Apparently, the Memogate scandal has lifted a lot of those false veils from within this government who had earlier vehemently refused a clash between institutions. However, now the situation is such that this Memogate has become a full blown out political issue, while it was never a political one in the first place. The government initially went on defending Haqqani, then rendered his resignation and then accepted the Memo but termed it as only “a piece of paper”. Perhaps, the government considers the whole nation as dumb as they are themselves. And later, we have seen the government making every effort to get the case out of the confines of the Supreme Court, to form a commission themselves that will look into the matter of Memogate Scandal. Almost certainly, like the nation, even the Supreme Court had serious doubts over this government's ability, or rather lack of it. What's more, Asma Jahengir,  the counsel for the main suspect, has stepped down citing that the powerful intelligence agency may influence the result as it wants it.

Now the news that is making headlines is that the Memo Commission has issued notices to President Zardari, who has a bit of a history with the Courts of Pakistan, as well as to Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervaz Kiyani, DG-ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha and PML-N's President Nawaz Sharif.

As a matter of fact, what has happened in the wake of this Memogate scandal is that, this government is pushing hard for a real face-off against the Army and the Judiciary, who seemingly have nothing between themselves but just a false propagation to make both of them less credible in the eyes of the nation. The other working behind this propagation is to portray themselves to the world as being man-handled by the Army and Judiciary who are working hand-in-hand with each other. Much the same way as they have got into power in their previous stints. The next few days will most certainly decide the fate of not only the prime suspect, but the suspect(s) that seem to be working in the background who are considered to be even primer suspects than Haqqani.

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