Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Has Haqqani Fled?

Hussain Haqqani arrives to appear before a judicial commission in the Memogate case at the high court in Islamabad earlier this month.
As our forces fight for our safety on the borders against those extremist elements who pose a threat to the country and those residing in it, there are also within our borders who pose an even bigger danger to the country's sovereignty as they claim to be the care-takers of the country. There is little doubting the fact that extremists are a menace to Pakistan, but they are on par with the current government when it comes to causing maximum damage to Pakistan.

Friday, January 27, 2012

'Palestinians want to eliminate Israel'

As the Presidential campaign heats up in United States, various aspects of internal as well as external matters are debated between the contenders which, consequently becomes a source of headlines for news agencies and a talking point among the masses.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wizardry of Pakistan

There was alot of joy for Ajmal as his 10-wickets in the match set things up nicely for Pakistan.

It was supposed to end today, on the 21st of January but a determined and professional side of Pakistan wrapped things up inside 3 days to win a comprehensive match against the Number 1 side in the world – England. In the past, it has been Pakistan who was on the receiving end of such a mauling at the hands of their oppositions, but it was nice to be on the right side of it, especially when apparently we've forgotten if Pakistan can ever play this well.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Child

The Last Child by John Hart is not your average crime thriller with a good cop and an equally good killer on the loose. Very unlikely, the victim, the villain and the hero, all are kids in this story, yet this tale is far more mature and unnerving than most of the books on the rack.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kiani and Pasha : Men at their best!

Given the situation in Pakistan these days, there aren't many in Pakistan to be termed as the coolest men in the country. Not that we had many any way to start with, yet there were even fewer who exclusively belonged to Pakistan with many finding that tag in our neighbouring country. However the “few ones” that are left mostly belong to our Army and two men these days, within the Armed Forces of Pakistan fall perfectly under the category of Men at their Best in Pakistan – Chief of Army Staff Pervez Ashfaq Kiyani and DG-ISI Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Return of Pervez Musharraf

On the cusp of his return, Musharraf calls Israel a fait accompli

It is true that the news is fast spreading on all outlets that the former Chief of Army Staff, and former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf is to return to Pakistan, possibly before the end of January.

There are differing views to his return, some see it positively, while others see it as a bane for Pakistan. Some hail him as the proper leader of Pakistan in recent times, on the other hand there have been some who cuss him for the situation Pakistan is in today. Some sing the same songs as Musharraf do of him bringing prosperity and growth, while others shun him for being too moderate on matters pertaining religion, fanning more religious sentiments within Pakistanis. However, there would be few who doubt that like every dictator, he had his own agenda when in power which resulted in gain or loss for the country, subject to people's opinions and judgement.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memogate Scandal and Commission

Fate of the government, essentially, is being decided here

One has to feel, not for the government more so for those unfortunate ones in the country who were among those 44% who voted this present government, which is frankly an outlet of thugs, imbeciles, and most likely to be people conspiring against Pakistan. That makes them a national security threat for Pakistan and its residents.
The first institution that gets alerted by any threat to the country's sovereignty and national interest is Armed Forces, and it isn't different in Pakistan's case also. It was within hours that the Pakistani intelligence came into action to collect evidences from a sneaky character, Mansoor Ijaz in London and that too evidences against a person with whom they've had a serious bone since this government came into being, if sources are to be believed.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We want Change! Really?

Change. The Change that has caught up with everyone in Pakistan has become a popular adage among masses of all classes and ages. The word 'Change' hasn't been this popular since the US election 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama had promised for a Change while campaigning for his Presidential election. His Change policy was to undo all the policies of the previous administration, which had adversely changed America's economic outlook. Although if we are honest, his promised Change hasn't even been worth a five rupees spare change, but our Pakistani version of 'Change' is distinctively peculiar – much like us. We are not looking to undo the follies (read: monumental blunders) of past administrations and governments that has brought us to this situation, but the habits we've had for the last 65 years now as a nation because no one cared about it. And as the trumpeting for a Change bellow louder in Pakistan, ask this, rather, funny question to yourself, are we really ready for a change?