Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Has Haqqani Fled?

Hussain Haqqani arrives to appear before a judicial commission in the Memogate case at the high court in Islamabad earlier this month.
As our forces fight for our safety on the borders against those extremist elements who pose a threat to the country and those residing in it, there are also within our borders who pose an even bigger danger to the country's sovereignty as they claim to be the care-takers of the country. There is little doubting the fact that extremists are a menace to Pakistan, but they are on par with the current government when it comes to causing maximum damage to Pakistan.

Over the years, this present government has played a very discreetly open role in sinking the ship of Pakistan, while they enjoy the best in Pakistan and if in case (God Forbid) Pakistan drowns, then relocate themselves to countries where they have their real assets. They have little business with Pakistan, let alone with Pakistanis. And while there was a slight opening in exposing them as culprits of Pakistan and its countrymen, dubious decisions were taken by the apex court of Pakistan – Supreme Court – by lifting the ban on traveling abroad that was placed on Hussain Haqqani, the main accuse behind the Memogate scandal.

It was definitely questionable and worth arguing over the involvement and interest the Military Establishment showed in the case but as discussed in our earlier article that the Army had to wade into the affair only for Pakistan. However, now it stands helpless and possibly clueless over this latest development, where a prime suspect has been given a green-signal from the highest-order of court in Pakistan to travel abroad, what has been construed as a route for escape for Haqqani.

Unfortunately, the Military Establishment can't say much now as they had handed over the entire case into the hands of the Supreme Court and especially after having taken a fair amount of flake from the political parties, more so by People's Party, for interfering in the political affairs of the country.

In defence to the Supreme Court, as contrary feelings are boiling against the SC, they have granted the permission to Haqqani on the ground to visit his family and on the condition to reappear within four days if summoned by the court. This was led by the news of Supreme Court giving the judicial commission two more months to probe the memo scandal.

However there is already a bit of bad feeling among skeptical Pakistanis as they have witness yet another prime suspect leaving the country - though on conditions – which is seen as a provision of an escape route for Haqqani.

If at all, Haqqani doesn't turn up for the hearing of the case, like many have in the past and present set the precedent for it, then surely the Court would suffer a big blow to its credibility and more so because for letting him away in the first place. On the other hand, the usual losers in the entire fiasco would be the nation, who have after a long wait pinned some sort of hope from the Judiciary to play a role as definitive as it was expected from them since Pakistan came into existence. The Armed Forces as well, can also just merely watch the happening with folded hands and can't act or speak against anything as they have been shoved into a corner by our subtle media and outrageous government.

Hopes were raised that the outcome of this judicial commission would in all its likelihood put an end to the reign of this government, as general public was seen quietly rejoicing in anticipation. Now though, all seems well in the world of these headless, gutless and conscienceless leaders.

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