Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Child

The Last Child by John Hart is not your average crime thriller with a good cop and an equally good killer on the loose. Very unlikely, the victim, the villain and the hero, all are kids in this story, yet this tale is far more mature and unnerving than most of the books on the rack.

The story belongs to Johnny Merrimon who had a perfect happy family and an ideal life till one fine afternoon, his twin sister Alyssia went missing from her way back from school. One year down the line, he is still obsessed with finding her sister alive as his mother becomes a nervous wreck and his father abandons them both.  Life is like a living hell in itself as following his father’s abandonment his mother becomes dependent on the very powerful Ken Holloway and his abusive ways to keep the life going as Johnny plays truant from school and  keeps himself busy with his much sophisticated search for Alyssia.

The story takes a turn when another girl goes missing and the police starts searching for her while Johnny pushes Detective Clyde Hunt to find her sister, maintaining she is still alive.
Despite all his best efforts going in vain, Hunt is also obsessed with the hunt for Alyssia. Detective Hunt is also concerned about Johnny and his very beautiful but fragile mother and tries to keep them safe from Ken Holloway.

The story gets really gripping in the second half of the novel as the characters go deep and many new revelations are made.
The multilayered character of Johnny has kept the interest alive of readers where at one stage he's a mere child and the next moment, a grown up action hero. The story edges like a treasure hunt in its mystery as there are some remnants of the past reflecting up, way back from the times of slavery.

Filled with hope, wisdom, thrill,
abstruseness and not to forget, one’s faith in God, The Last Child is worth all the accolades it got, including the prestigious Edgar Allen Poe Award Winner. Sink into this riveting story of pure thrill and cliffhanger moments in this hot read or check out more here.

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