Monday, November 28, 2011

An Impending Attack II?

A question mark now hangs over the whole of Middle East

There is a reason why we have used the same title but it is a continuation of what we wrote acouple of weeks ago on Saif's Den. In fact, if we are honest, this isn't exactly a continuation as much as it is an after-thought of what we wrote in that article of ours. We argued that the coalition between US-UK-Israel with the assistance of UN Security Council would try to win favour from other nations to attack the facilities of Iran's nuclear installments on the pretext that Iran poses a direct threat to Israel's existence.

As much as this sounds like a valid point even for us, the history of US hasn't been exactly perfect, especially when it comes to propagating falsehood against a regime. So we doubt now that Iran may look to carry out any such attack on Israel as even Iran knows, attacking with nuclear-weapons may put its assets like Hezbollah in serious danger.

What we see happening now is that Iran may be used to divert attention of the world, while the same coalition of US, UK and Israel may look to wreak havoc in a country not very far from Iran, in fact next-door neighbour to Iran – Pakistan.

Saif's Den had anticipated this unprovoked attack carried out in the early morning hours of Saturday by NATO on two checkpoints of Pakistan right after we were done writing with “An Impending Attack”, but had to little justify it. Now though, like they didn't had any justification to attack Pakistan, this is exactly the reason why we anticipate even more attacks.We missed out on the point that Iran has been used by the western powers to keep people guessing, while they carry out appalling and coward acts on those who had nothing to do with their bloody war in Afghanistan.

So purpose is to warn each and every Pakistani, and this time we are now going a step ahead from Iran or Pakistan and warning each and every Muslim, especially the ones residing in the Arab world to brace yourself. Now the time has actually come where such attacks on your countrymen, on your soldiers, on your sovereignty and on you, most of all, will speed up. The occurrence of it will not be a mere coincidence or a “mistake” as they always term it. The attack, like this attack on Pakistani soldiers, will be a planned and deliberate attack on you. There won't be any mistakes and there won't be any half-measures. This is an act of provocation which is in their favour and if you don't retaliate, even then it’s in their favour because that way they would know what kind of army is up against them – weak or strong. The next target may very well be Syria, Egypt or even Libya which was once attacked to bring down a dictator, now they will attack Libya to bring down the Muslims in that country.

And while all this happens around us, just look at the of those crooked-face eunuchs that call themselves leaders of the country. Their reaction to such attacks will bear complete resemblance to their faces and deeds. Indeed, the ball is in our court.

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