Monday, November 14, 2011

2013 Nissan GT-R

Yes, the Godzilla's back. The car touted as the “baby Veyron” of the motoring world has, since its inception, never stopped to evolve. The makers of the GT-R have said categorically that they'll keep on evolving their original GT-R to match with its supercar competitors in this demanding world of power and speed. But to that, add Japanese precision and we have 2013 Nissan GT-R. They've already lived up to their promises.

Starting from the exterior, it hasn't changed much since it first came out apart from a dose of steroid it has been given by Nissan boffins. This car was never a looker, but then that didn't matter because it was never meant to be in the first place. However, there is a reason for that bulging body and extra muscles that you see. The reason is under that very body which has changed.

Under the bonnet, it is the same 3,799cc twin-turbo charged V6 engine but with an added punch. The power from a standard GT-R's 480bhp has gone up to a massive 545bhp and 463 lb-ft of torque, both of them up by 15 from their 2012 models. These changes have had a profound affect as it can reach 60 in a neck-snapping time of 2.7 seconds. Look closely, that is perilously close to what Veyron achieves. It hasn't yet been tested on the Nurburgring - its hunting ground - but reports have it that it can lap an incredible 10 seconds quicker than the older brother. All this power in this new Nissan is not at the cost of fuel-efficiency because this has even better fuel economy.

That's not it. Nissan's revision incorporates better cooling ducts for both front and rear brakes, a reworked transmission, the world's first asymmetrical suspension system to compensate for the driver's weight in right-hand drive markets that gives maximum grip with minimum of body-roll, optional carbon ceramic brakes which, when applied, can pull your face off, and racing-derived differential oil. For serious track-enthusiasts Nissan would do, what they call “For Track Pack” in which they would shove the rear-seats out, fiddle with the suspension settings and get a front spoiler with carbon air-ducts – all this to reduce the weight by 200 pounds.

It’s a monster of a car. Or perhaps, it’s not a car at all. It’s something which can rip your face apart, snap your neck or even put the fear of God in you but it isn't scary. Not even slightly. What it is, is a supercar that has taught the big names how it is to be done, with 4-seats, an efficient engine and at half the price.

It is officially set to be launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in January 2012, with some regions treating it as a 2012 model, while others, like US, is treating it as a 2013 edition.

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