Sunday, May 6, 2012

US to continue attacking Pakistan

These drones would continue to strike innocent Pakistani civilians

It is no rocket-science to fathom the truth that US has done least bit to prove itself as an ally, no matter whatever our Pakistani leaders have done from bowing down heads to killing their own people just so to please their Western masters, much to the displeasure of common Pakistanis.

So it comes as no surprise the two latest news where the US dared to fire a series of, reportedly, eight missiles on a house in North Wazirstan, killing ten suspected militants and then Defence Secretary Leon Panetta going on record to say that US would continue to launch drone strikes within Pakistan.

It is amazing to notice the audacity of US towards Pakistan even when they seemingly  have their backs to the wall because of the blockade of US/NATO supplies into Afghanistan via Pakistan, which Pakistan had stopped after 26th November Salala incident. Leon Panetta said that US would carry on their covert drone attacks within Pakistani territory even if the Pakistani government continues to oppose them. Panetta said:

“The United States was attacked on 9/11, and we know who attacked us. We know Al-Qaeda was behind it. And we are going to do everything we can, use whatever operations we have, in order to make sure that we protect this country and make sure that that kind of attack never happens again. The United States is going to defend itself under any circumstances.”

So we have a Defence Secretary openly not only lying about 9/11 attacks but also challenging the writ of the state as well as the sovereignty of Pakistan even when the two countries are on a stand-off following last year's NATO attack on 26th November and when Pakistan's parliament has called for an end to the drone attacks. In fact this drone attack is second in a week's time.

But besides the glaring issue of these repeated attacks on Pakistan territory, it is also  the ridiculous follow-up statements on the part of our Foreign Office to condemn and harp on the age-old cliché of such attacks being violation of “sovereignty and international laws”. Makes us sick in the gut! After the last week's attack, the foreign office issued a statement carbon-copy of what they are uttering now.

While the America is refuses to budge on their stance to pound Pakistan within its own territory, against their wishes, it is Pakistan who has acted with a potency of a man on crutches. The failure on the part of this “democratically-elected” government to act according to the wishes of its own people but rather continue to become a slave of the US has reached to an extent of treason.

And the absence to fight fire with fire, that is to reply the audacious statement by Panetta, to continue to strike Pakistan, by the foreign office is good enough to give an idea how weak these Pakistani government officials are. US has blatantly refused to apologise Pakistan for its violation, neither they investigate the killings of innocent civilians due to drone attacks which is because Pakistan itself doesn't value the blood of its own people.

At least Panetta was forced to admit in the same interview to “Conversations with Judy Woodruff” that Taliban is resilient and that they keep coming back to fight for their land. It was intriguing to hear Panetta say this in the same interview where in one instance he is mocking the authority of a sovereign country, so to say, while on the other hand, quietly acknowledges about the other set of men, who are more courageous, determined and persistent in the quest to free their land from invaders. Unfortunately, Pakistan can't even stop an unmanned, aerial-borne vehicle that hovers over their lands and fires at will, without any opposition. Speaks volume of whom US itself considers their feisty enemy. Definitely not Pakistan!

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