Monday, May 7, 2012

Pakistan close to facing sanction

He even suggested the PCNS to review its decision for the "benefit"of the country

As we had finished writing our last blog, we caught sight of another news where this time our Pakistan's own Defence Minister, equivalent to US Defence Secretary, Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar on Sunday said in a quivering voice that Pakistan could face sanction if it doesn't reopen the NATO supply.

It is a news that the Minister has broken to his people, without a whiff of comfort or solace that no matter whatever happens in the future, Pakistan wouldn't retract from its initial stance, much in the same way as our private news channel break news to us. The Minister said it with grave concern, seemingly, that if Pakistan decides to remain stubborn, then it would be doomed.

The recent statement of Mr Ahmed brings out two important points for us.

The first is the stark contrast that is to be found between the Mr Ahmed's grim sounding alert to his own people, while Mr Panetta on his usual belligerence style that it won't stop the drone attack, come what may. On one side we have a Defence Minister who, as of now, has a stronger position than his counterpart, Mr Panetta on the issue pertaining to the NATO supply. Even then, we see Mr Ahmed go into the shell, taking the entire nation's pride and ego with himself. While, Mr Panetta remain steadfast in protecting his people, even if their argument of terrorism originating from the north-western region of Pakistan is a complete hoax and a lie. This is a perfect example to what many have said over the years, that leaders of Pakistan are as brave as a cat trying to cross an empty road.

This brings us exactly to the second point of how fearless and aggressive, or rather not, these self-loving opportunists that we hate to call them as our Ministers, politicians and leaders are. It reminds us of a leader who decided to kneel down to his Western masters about a decade ago, because his masters had threatened him to send him to Stone Age. He took the decision to support the US and its allies in a meaningless, more so a deceitful War on Terrorism, which has seen countless killed and millions rendered homeless, just because a man opted for an easy way out rather than stand up and fight the wrong. He probably thought that he may live peacefully after having his hands filled with blood all these years, as we see him going to from one country to another in search for a permanent place to live, if not peacefully.

The Defence Minister's statement is a reminder for all of us, leaders are a mirror image what and how the people are. And after listening to what he said, it may be safe to assume that we are a bunch of cowards, more into protecting ourselves than thinking for a bigger cause.

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