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Israeli Belligerence

Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel who approved The Operation Wrath of God.

“A reminder we do not forget or forgive.”

A bouquet with the above lines written on the card, was given to the families of the victims of Munich Massacre, in 1972 during the Munich Olympics when 11 Israeli were killed by a separatist faction of Palestine called the Black September.

This is one event that is engraved in the minds of those people who had interest in sports as well as in current affairs. It was one event of history - apart from the event itself – where arguably for the first time, an attack was solely organised, controlled and managed by the Muslims, that too out of the Middle East. The events of that day are as well-documented as an eye-witness experiencing it but we would not be looking into the matters of that event, rather what followed thereafter.

First thing first – what happened on that fateful day September 5, 1972 was as acrimonious and biting event as was the invasion of Palestine territory to make way for an illegitimate country, named State of Israel. We not for a minute of our life would accept the State of Israel, let alone its existence or its right to defend or protect itself. So you would be well-aware now where this is going from here.

The Munich Massacre as we've described earlier is a well-illustrated and well-described part of our history, which renders it almost pointless to dwell on that any further, courtesy movies and various books and articles on the subject. But even those movies and authors have gone a bit forward to describe of how an audacious act of revenge was carried out by an elite group within the Israel's intelligence agency – Mossad. As striking is the idea to avenge the deaths of Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics, the name chosen for such an operation is even more provocative. Operation Wrath of God.

Operation Wrath of God:

What followed after the Munich Massacre is that Israel – Mossad, more precisely – on the directives of the then-Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir, carried out the revenge act – a covert Israeli assassination operation – which was named “Operation Wrath of God”. A revenge which would kill each and every person, even remotely, responsible for the Munich Massacre. The history tells that Mossad killed 11 people and for each kill, Mossad directly assassinated their target without any prove or evidence to put in front of, well, any one as a justification to carry out the assassinations. In fact, before the commencement of this Operation Wrath of God and after three-days of Munich incidence, Israeli warplanes bombarded the Fidayeen training facilities in southern Lebanon. Since the inception of this illegitimate child known as Israel, it has carried out attacks, operations and missions but what strikes the most is the audaciousness of such attacks, operations, missions and even more is the mystifying and mysterious silence of all the world powers. But that's for later, let’s look at those who had been assassinated and the manner in which Mossad agents took their targets down:

1.   On October 16, 1972, two Mossad agents, who had been waiting in the apartment building, shot Palestinian Abdel Wael Zwarter (member of PLO) 11 times while he was returning home from a dinner. To this date, no evidences have been found against him.
2.   On December 8, 1972, Dr. Mahmoud Hamshari (member of PLO) was lured by a Mossad agent, posing as a journalist, out of his apartment in Paris to make way for the demolition team to plant a bomb under his telephone table. A fake call was made to ensure whether Dr. Mahmoud attended the call, and once confirmed, the bomb was detonated. To this date, only Israel believed him to be responsible for Munich Massacre, no evidences have been put on table against him.
3.   On January 24, 1973, Hussein Al Bashir (member of Fatah) was in Nicosia (city of Cyprus), residing in his room in Olympic Hotel where he turned the lights off only to be, moments later, blown away in a bomb planted under his bed. It was placed and detonated by Mossad agents, because Israel believed - only believed - that this mas the head of Black September group, responsible for Munich Massacre.
4.   On April 6, 1973, Dr. Basil Al-Kubaissi (Professor in American University of Beirut) was gunned down to death by 2 Israeli agents by some estimates 12 shots when he was returning from dinner. Again, like before, Israel suspected him to be the financier of Munich Massacre, evidences that are yet to made public to people.

If by now you are wondering if this is some part of a drama or an act with cameras and actors around to film a shot of a thriller than you are not only wrong, you are also understating what followed next.

By autumn of 1973, it was becoming clearly evident to Arabs, especially Palestinians that these then-mysterious killings of key figures in the ranks of PLO and Fatah are not mysterious, bt being carried out by Israel and Mossad agents, assigned to a special operation. And these killings were without evidences and justification, to put it in legal terms, they were extrajudicial killing of mostly innocent Palestinians. The targets of Israel were now living in Beirut and Sidon (cities of Lebanon) in heavily-guarded houses, which made direct assassination method next to impossible for Mossad. Thus, a sub-operation was launched of a terrible nature in an already appalling operation. That sub-operation was called Operation Spring of Youth.

Operation Spring of Youth:
As mentioned earlier, the need of such an Operation arose due to the alleged suspects now residing in heavily fortified homes, making direct assassination attempts impossible. So on the night of April 9, 1973, the Sayeret Matkal, who arrived through boats at the Lebanese beaches where Mossad agents waited for them in rented cars, commandos launched a multiple attack on the cities of Beirut and Sidon. The task, as usual, was to find their “targets” and kill them, without bothering about collateral damage. It was due to this reason why there were over 100 people killed when this illegal country carried out their demonic operation. The operation saw a number of high-ranking PLO officials being assassinated, to name a few:

1.   Muhammad Youssef Al-Najjar
2.   Kamal Adwan (member of Fatah)
3.   Kamal Nasser (PLO spokesman)

The Sayeret Matkal commando team of 14, then, attacked a building that housed members of Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine. Despite some resistance and cross-firing, the commandos were able to completely bomb the building, killing each and every one residing in there. The operation also saw numerous Lebanese security officers and civilian neighbours being killed in this barbaric act of terror by a terrorist country, Israel.

And this was not it. The epitome of violence, if any, that ever existed on this face of the earth was breached the day Israel was born, and so whatever followed or it did was just a plain case of terrorism and extremism. The Operation Spring of Youth ended right after the commandos left the territories of Lebanon, but Operation Wrath of God hadn't ended yet. The Mossad was on the lookout for the very person who, they claim, was the sole mastermind of the Munich Massacre – Ali Hassan Salameh – among a few others. So almost immediately after the sub-Operation in Lebanon, on 11th April 1973, Zaiad Muchasi was blown up in his room, in Athens.

On June 28th 1973, Mohammad Boudia was killed, believed to be the director of Black September (emphasis on the word 'believe' again), pitilessly when a pressurized land mine placed under the seat of his car went off. No prize for guessing who placed the bomb.

As this Operation, which is nothing but killing of people without evidences, was nearing its end, the Israelis inevitably, made a mistake of killing someone who had absolutely nothing to do with Black September. In other words, Ahmed Bouchiki (Moroccan waiter) was completely innocent when he was gunned down to death, right in front of his pregnant wife, on July 21st 1973, in Lillehammer, Norway. The event of mistaken killing did cause an uproar in the world, and the then-Prime Minister, Golda Meir, had to call off the Operation, who authorised this very Operation in the first place. Five, responsible for the killing were caught in Norway, convicted and imprisoned but were pardoned and released within two years.

The suspension over the Operation was overturned after five years by the new Prime Minister Menachem Begin and the Operation continued to kill they thought were responsible for Black September, but it was in reality to instill fear into the Palestinians or anyone who thought to carry out an act of terror against Israel in the future.

The finalé of the Operation began in the most Hollywood-styled endings that there could ever be.

The Israelis, after the resumption of the Operation, were desperately trying to trace down and work out the plan to assassinate Ali Hassan Salameh who was in Beirut, in a protective custody of guards and security personnel. An Israeli agent, pseudonymously known as Mary Erika Chambers, approached Ali Hassan Salameh on the issue of raising charity for the underprivileged Palestinian refugees which allowed her to learn on Salameh's daily routine. Finally on 22nd January 1979, Salameh left his wife, Georgina Rizk's building to meet his mother in a convoy of two Chevrolet station wagons. Erika Chambers was standing in her balcony, with her Volkswagen packed with 100kgs of explosives, awaiting Salameh's motorcade to turn from Rue Verdun onto Rue Madam Curie. As he did, the bomb was remotely detonated either by Chambers herself or on her notification to another Mossad agent.

Salameh didn't die immediately as he succumbed to the wounds of embedded sharpnels in his head and elsewhere in the body on the operation table with four of his bodyguards and four innocent people, that included a British student and a German nun, also died in that bomb blast. After the success of the operation, three Mossad agents disappeared into thin air, while it was suspected that as many as 14 other agents were involved in the operation on that day, in Beirut.

The operation wasn't only carried out to avenge the deaths of those 11 Israeli athletes, but also to instill fear in the minds and hearts of Muslims who would not dare to carry out any such operations in the future, against the Israeli people. And whether we like it or not, Israel was successful in that respect to a great extent. It may come as a surprise to our readers that this is not the first or the last time that Israel had carried out such operations to take down its targets whenever and wherever it feels like doing so.

In 2010, the shady Israeli intelligence, Mossad, was making headlines yet again when it was responsible in the killing of a Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, in Dubai. It is not a secret that United Arab Emirates, like most of the Muslim countries, doesn't recognise the State of Israel, so the Mossad agents got into UAE using fake or obtaining fraudulent passports of different nationalities to carry out the kill of the Senior Hamas leader.

But this write up is not also to moonlight the success of the operation or to instill fear into the minds of the readers. After all, one day by the will of Allah, Israel will fall and will fall badly. That day when it falls, no one who would stand up against Israel would have any fear of Israel to repeat any such operations, they won't even fear death. The point of this write up is to highlight on how the world keep a mum on what Israel does, all in the name of protecting and defending itself, while if a poor Afghani wants to do the same, he is labeled as a terrorist – prime case is the Haqqani network.

The feeble and frail stance of Norway to let go of prime Israeli suspects, who had been found guilty in the killing of an innocent Moroccan waiter and then the US refusing to assist the UAE government in tracking down the suspects who killed the Hamas leader, all this and many such examples where the world has acted like an impotent when it came to Israel. However, we also know they haven't acted impotently, but rather colluded in every act, operation and mission that Israel has carried out anywhere in the world.

For now – over all these years - Israel may have been successful in defending itself with the help of all the big powers in the world, but let it be clear to them that when Israel's time is up then even the stones behind which they will try to hide would start talking and tell the Muslims:

“O believer! O servants of Allah! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”
                   (Narrated by numerous Ahadith in Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari)

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