Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Good Samaritan - Pakistan Army's subdued and calculated response to Indian helicopter landing

Pakistan Army reported a border violation on the Kargil post by an Indian Helicopter, which had landed mistakenly due to the bad weather. The Helicopter was carrying 4 Indian personnels, who were immediately escorted by the Pakistan Armed Forces for interrogation. 

After much investigation, counter-questioning and deliberation, the Indian personnels with their helicopter was allowed to fly back to its post in Leh. While on its way back to India, the Indian dimwits thought it was an intrusion from the Pakistani side, which they later found out that it was a helicopter that belongs to them. The 4 Indians in the helicopters have been debriefed by the Indian Army and it has been reported that they have been treated rather well by their Pakistani counterparts. Reports have emerged from those Indians themselves that they were treated cordially. However, Pakistan like always had their suspicions on such an intrusion. Pakistan Army wasn't sure of such a "mistake" that the Indians were telling the Pakistani, so the Pakistan Army is alleged to have decided on intruding the Indian computers for information. And the Pak Army has successfully downloaded all the related confidential data on that very Helicopter that had landed in Pakistan territory to ascertain the nature of the border violation of the Indian helicopter. No word as yet from the Pakistan Army to report further on the nature of the violation or the data on the helicopter revealing anything untoward to us.

However, one thing is for sure. Pakistan Army did show it is far more mature and responsible than its Indian counterparts. Had this been not for Pak Army, this matter could have been a big time scandal and another topic of unending debates and unnerving takes on the relationship between the two neighbours.

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