Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Expensive Pile-up

A day to rue for those who love cars but then you don't necessarily have to be a car-lover for this either. A seemingly normal petrol-head meet-up went awry when as much as 14 cars met a fateful end in Japan. The 14 cars that crashed to their own deaths included (hold your breath!) eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini Diablo and three Mercedes-Benz and Nissan Skyline GT-R in what is being described as an expensive pile-up. According to some estimates, the worth of the pile-up may well be around $1 million to as much as $4 million. Trust me, that hurts.

The scene that presented on a eerily quiet highway in Japan turned into a graveyard of some of the most exotic super-cars in the automobile industry. Its like seeing Tom Cruise and Shah Rukh Khan crash into each other, never to bump into any one. The only difference is that it involved something more precious to us (car-enthusiasts) than some sought after actors.

It was a fine Sunday morning, when a bunch of wealthy car-owners thought to have a track-day and set out together, driving through a two-way rain-soaked highway in the western parts of the country. The accident was triggered by a 60 year old male driver when he lost control of his speeding Ferrari, suspected to be driving close to 100mph, and swerving into the barrier causing other drivers to crash into each other in order to avoid the old man's dancing-in-the-rain car. Apparently the two Mercedes involved in the crash were driving the opposite direction when the flying debris hit their cars, involving them in this unfortunate event as there were bits and pieces of cars to be found across a distance of 400 meters.

However, what wasn't unfortunate was that in one of the 14 cars was an all-time villain in automotive history involved - Toyota Prius but famous for being a thick-skinned vehicle, it took some of our most dearest cars away. Nevertheless, at least one Prius is less in the world and that's a relief.

Here are some of the images from the “scene”:


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