Friday, September 23, 2011

The Surgeon

The Surgeon! I didn't have the vaguest of idea of what it could mean, in terms of a crime thriller. I was looking for this novel since a long time and having read it now, I must say Tess Gerritsen has done a fantastic job as a medical-cum-crime thriller writer.

It kicks off with a prologue of a murder that has already taken place in Boston and then the story fast forwards a year later surrounding a sick and gruesome murderer on loose who looks out for emotionally depressed women in the city and then kills them brutally and cuts out an organ for himself, as a souvenir.

Upon each of his heinous murders, the killer sends a message to Catherine Cordell, a previously surviving victim of a similar act by someone else in Savannah. Now the Boston Police Department has their jobs cut out, in solving the mystery of these killings and finding what and how the murderer is connected to a nice, well-off doctor, Catherine Cordell.

It is a brilliantly written account of horrific crime that pulls in enough suspense to keep you hooked up. With so much of gruesome and grisly depiction of murders, one thing is for sure, this novel isn't for the weak-hearted ones.

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