Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Pakistan!!

Today is our 64th Independence Day, next year it will 65th, then 66th, hence so on, God willing that I must add. However, it is hard to believe that we are going to complete 64 years of a piece of land that came in to existence for the sole purpose to serve the needs of the Muslims. And it's even harder to believe that in such a young life - which it is, especially considering the fact that it was a country that had to literally start from scratch - it has gone through so much of ups and downs.
No matter what anyone says, I would want to thank Allah for blessing us with a free and sovereign state, and again for letting us, rather seriously astray herd of people, have it. I say this because, the kind of the situation we are in these days - seriously dark and gloomy days – one does wonder, how is this country still surviving? Let us run down a few of the hurdles and obstacles this country has gone through over its 64 years of life.

1.     In 1948, First Indo-Pak War.
2.    In 1960, Water crisis, later resulting in Indus Water Treaty with the intervention of World Bank
3.    On-going Kashmir Conflict, since 1947-2011
4.     In 1965, Second Indo-Pak War
5.     In 1971, Third Indo-Pak War
6.     East Pakistan acceded Pakistan, to become Bangladesh
7.     Afghan War, 1979-1988
8.     In 1999, Kargil War – count as Forth Indo-Pak War
9.      Economic Downturn in the 1990s
10.  Military Dictatorship for nearly half of Pakistan's years.

These are, as I pointed our earlier, just a few of them that this country, Pakistan, has faced since its independence. However, come this 14th August, I don't want to talk negative as I usually do. This Independence Day, I want to talk about the positive and bright spots of this country.

Many reading this would already be aware of some of the milestones of this country that it has achieved over the years. The point that miffs me the most is that, these achievements are only discussed on such platforms and forums where the least number of audiences is catered. The medium that has a far reaching audience, surprisingly keeps itself away from such things – but that could be topic for a separate day.

Did you know Pakistan is the 2nd largest donor and alms-giver in the entire world, after United States of America?

Did you know Pakistan has the largest number of Masjids in the entire world?

Did you know, in recognition of Pakistan's Peacekeeping forces efforts in Haiti, the Haiti government had opened a school by the name of Pakistan School? For record, these are the words of the President of Haiti on Pakistan's Independence Day:

"I express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the people of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army and its valiant soldiers for their manifestations filled with utmost sincerity, friendship and solidarity."

Did you know it was Pakistan's Special Services Group Commandos who aided the Saudi Government back in 1979, to end the “Grand Mosque Seizure”?

Did you know how much Pakistan is blessed with natural resources? Watch this:

Did you know that we have been in the business of making unmanned drones, though for other purposes, for more than a couple of years? Can't believe it, read this:

Though the sorry state of affairs in Pakistan is that, courtesy our political establishment, we are hit by these drones on a daily basis. What a farce!

Did you know that in Pakistan alone, that is almost 10 times smaller than Australia and with a population nearly 10 times less than India, 79 different languages are spoken?

Did you know there is a little Pakistani girl, as little as 10 years old, who is probably the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world? Check it out:

Did you know that Pakistan has the best Intelligence agency in the entire world?

These are only some of the positives about Pakistan that I can find out and perhaps our “oblivious, but free” media has missed it. Apart from this, here comes another list of how much Pakistan is bless by Allah SWT:
1.     2nd largest Salt mine
2.     5th largest Gold Mine
3.     5th largest Coal Reserves
4.     7th largest Copper Mine
5.     2nd Largest Dam
6.     3 Nuclear Reactors
7.     7th Nuclear Power
8.     2nd and 9th Highest Peaks in the World, K2 and Nanga Parbat, respectively
9.     5 Rivers
10. 6th Largest Army and Strongest Muslim Army
11. 7th Largest Rice Producer
12. 8th Largest Wheat Producer

Besides that, Pakistan, out of 204 countries, ranks in the respective fields as:
1.   Gross Domestic Product - 28th
2.   Labour Force - 10th
3.   Public Debt - 53rd
4.   Water Resource - 54th
5.   Coastline - 82nd

Let’s take a different perspective to it. This was not achieved by Pakistan; this is a blessing for Pakistan, by Allah. It really is a country that has been run and managed by none other than Allah. I seriously have no hope from the political leadership that currently seem to run the affairs of the country. These politicians are the most inept, corrupt and incompetent bunch of thugs, who have divided us into ethnicity, languages, race, creed and what not. And that's because, we have allowed them to do that. Or perhaps, we ourselves have been like this. However it must be noted, a piece of a twig alone can be broken into pieces with a bare hand but a bunch of twigs would be impossible. So all I want, and hence is the need of the hour, that we stand united under the flag of Islam, because it's not only a religion but a complete way of life. And I am sure, if we are good Muslims; we'll not only brush aside our differences but would be honest, sincere and loyal to our country. Let's make every day for ourselves a 14th August from today onwards.

Happy Independence Day to all Pakistan!!

(Note: This video is not to promote any brand featured in there. This is just a salute to our dear country and our flag. Long Live Pakistan.)

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